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Rincon de la Vieja National Park


Rincon del la Vieja National Park has 14000 hectares of protected area. It is located only thirty minutes away from Liberia city. The park offers a number of trails, the most visited one is Las Pailas due to the volcanic activity. Visitors walk through the forest looking for wildlife, admiring the vegetation and the volcanic activity. 

Wildlife such as toucans, mot mot birds, long tailed manakin, agouti, howler monkey, coati mundi and blue morpho buterflies make visitors apreciate mother nature much more.


The vegetation is a tropical hummed forest with an evergreen foliage. Trees with enormous sizes like Ficus trees, Cockroach, Kapok and others are the giants of the jungle.

The Rincon de la Vieja National Park offers other trails with much more walking difficulty. For expample trail La Cangreja, a waterfall with its blue lagoon. Trail to the Hidden Waterfalls is another attraction to the park visitors.

What is included: round trip transportation. entrance fee, lunch, naturalist guide and bottled water.

What to bring: walking footwear, bug spray, camera and comfortable cloth.

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