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Arenal Volcano tour
Arenal Volcano tour


La Fortuna of Alajuela is part of the northern plains where the Arenal Volcano is located. This zone is a very rich rainforest and one of the best places to watch wildlife. A scenic drive from Guanacaste lowlands into the mountain range will make a better understanding of the different ecosystems in the country. The lake Arenal also participates as part of the history of the volcano tour. 

The rainforest nature walk, with a naturalist guide helps you understand the forests secrets and biodiversity. Plants with medicinal uses, others that can be eaten and finally ornamental plants make this lush and green that makes this ecosystem. This private reserve has more than 200 hectares of virgin rainforest, and 6 hanging bridges. The views from the bridges gives a perspective as how the monkey sees the forest from an aerial view. Canopy level is observed from this hanging bridges and a wider angle to find animals and breath taking scenery makes the walk one of the most popular attractions on this country area. 

Volcanic activity underground makes possible the hotsprings resorts. The hot waters are relaxing and medicinal at the same time for a perfect combination to pamper yourself. 

Duration: 7am to 8pm

What to bring: walking shoes, swim wear, bug spray, change of cloth and camera.

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